1. Vaikasi (May-June)

Vasanta Utsavam or the spring festival for 6 days at the Nandavanam (garden), culminating on sravanam day.

2.Avani (Aug - Sep)
Pavitrotsavam (Purifying festival) for 5 days, ending on Sravanam day, when there is early morning garuda save of the Lord.

3. Purattasi (Sept - Oct)
Brahmotsavam for 9 days. Little Chariot (Goratham) on the last day. Sravanam.

Kalyana Utsavam for 12 days commencing from Sravanam, when the holy marriage of god and goddess is celebrated.

5. Margazhi (Dec-Jan)
Adhyayana Utsavam. Day Utsavam for 10 days. Night Utsavam for 10 days. Plus 2 days. Total 22 day festival.

6.Thai(Jan - Feb)
Float festival for 5 days culminating on Sravanam.

7.Panguni (March-April)
Brahmotsavam for 9 days with Big chariot festival on the 9th-Day Sravanam.

Lord Narayana readily granted the boons.The lord appeared in this place in Panguni sravanam and married Bhoomi Devi in Aippasi Sravanam and every year, these are celebrated as grand festivals.



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